Lawn Shuriken is an S-rank-Nin-Jutsu by Naruto Uzumaki and perfecting the Rasengan. Naruto is the first managed to combine the normal Rasengan perfectly with the Elementchakra. There was a technique inflicts damage even at the cellular level. Even with the Sharingan can not see how many times you get hit so you. Kakashi helped Naruto to learn this jutsu; a decisive breakthrough and learning per se but Naruto managed alone. Kakashi gave him only a good training method, division with the Naruto time, and the information on the different types of chakra. This Jutsu Naruto Kage Bunshin need two: one to construct the normal Rasengan, and the other to add the Elementchakra. Fuuton: lawn Shuriken is by far the strongest Naruto technology (apart from the use of the chakra of Kyuubi). However, they also caused damage in Naruto at the cellular level. This is particularly bad because it is not able to cure one hundred per cent this damage.

During the training with Fukasaku to dominate the Sennin Moodo, Naruto trained secretly at his new jutsu. Naruto made it to the name of jutsus (Fuuton: lawn Shuriken) to make all honor by having learned the Fuuton: Shuriken throwing lawn. As Naruto used the newly acquired natural energy, he created a Fuuton: lawn Shuriken that he as a Fuuma Shuriken at his opponent, threw Pain. This increased in size, as it had arrived at Pain. So he could do one of the bodies immediately and disconnect the female body from the remaining two. Thus, Naruto managed by the mastery of Sennin Moodo to make this already extremely serious Jutsu again to a new level by managed to throw it, and evidently also to strengthen again or to zoom. The downside, however, that he can apply it only 2x before it runs out the Naturchakra. The jutsu is classified as Kin-Jitsu, because it destroys the microscopic needle-like results in your own body cells, thus inflicting the user with too much damage.