Demonic statue chains
A technique derived from the Outer Path,[1] which manifests chakra chains to bind anyone who touches the user's chakra receivers. According to Obito, this binding power is far greater than that of Nagato's Outer Path.[2] The chains have a cursed seal which suppresses the power of the tailed beasts,[3] and according to Kokuō, also cause a great deal of pain to their victims.[4]

Obito used these chains to suppress the tailed beasts sealed within his Six Paths of Pain when they resisted his control, using just a single receiver embedded into the left side of each of the reincarnated jinchūriki's chests. These chains also restrained the tailed beasts within their jinchūriki's minds, binding them to both the chakra receivers and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, permitting Obito to quickly reseal them inside the statue should the receivers be removed.[5]When the Four-Tails under his control trapped Naruto Uzumaki inside its mouth, Obito attempted to capture Naruto by dragging the Four-Tails inside of his own body using these chains.[6]

Upon retrieving his Rinnegan and gaining control over the Demonic Statue, Madara used it to produce chains which had a dragon head-shaped tip, with which he was able to quickly restrain and seal all nine tailed beasts into the statue. The chains were able to prevent a jinchūriki from cancelling Tailed Beast Modeas well as extracting the tailed beast from said jinchūriki, and could also be separated and reconnected in order to prevent being intercepted.[7]